More than a Swimsuit, a Solution.

To All Our Friends

We are excited to announce that new people are taking over Stepin2now and our swimsuits will be available for purchase in the upcoming months! So check back in periodically. —Anne Byrnes


STEPIN2NOW is your best choice for water exercise, aquatic therapy, and lap swimming. First tested and approved by women with arthritis, the STEPIN2NOW swimsuit is loved by everyone who wants a suit they can put on and take off easily.

“I love the beautiful fabric and the ties, and not having to worry about straps falling off my shoulders.” —SUSAN E., Wheeling WV

I have severe arthritis in both shoulders so do appreciate being able to buy a suit that is easy to get into!! —MARCIA V., Webster MA

Ms. Anne, I received my swim suit today. It fits great. It’s so much easier putting this suit on. —RENEE H., Pineville LA

This Stepin2now suit is so much better than I expected! I think I have been looking all my life for this suit. —ELAINE H., Riverside CA

I have been using a Stepin2now swimsuit for a year and the fabric is still in wonderful condition. I am in the pool three days a week and never have had a suit last so long. —JAN, Albuquerque NM

I purchased your blue Stepin2now swimsuit, size 12 AND I LOVE IT. The quality of the suit is wonderful, it is flattering, and most importantly it doesn’t hurt to put it on. —JULIE F., Tucson AZ

I am thrilled that I found the Stepin2now suit! It is more comfortable than anything I have ever had. And the neckline is downright alluring-and my husband agrees! —Susan McG., Paso Robles CA

This suit just goes up 1, 2, 3! No holding your breath like other suits. And I looked in the mirror and thought, wow, I’ve lost two inches! —TONI L., Fountain Valley CA

I can now get into a bathing suit with ease! I can’t tell you what a difference it will make. —DEBORAH H., Chapel Hill NC

This swimsuit fits like a glove. It is so easy to get on and off, I love it. Really, it is just fantastic! —SARAH H., Huntley IL

My new bathing suit arrived yesterday. It is a perfect fit!! I have been telling everyone about Stepin2now since I learned about you a few months ago–and I’m glad you now have the larger sizes. —JANICE W., Toledo OH