My sister and I decided we had to invent a better swimsuit because exercising in a warm-water pool is the only thing that helps her arthritis. The exercise is not the problem. The problem is getting into a swimsuit. Pulling the suit up with stiff hands and twisting her back to get her arms in the straps had become more and more painful.

While we worked on a solution I too became convinced that exercising in a warm water pool is almost miraculous in its benefits. For people with illnesses or injuries that make it hard to move there is nothing like it. Our special swimsuit is for my sister and all women who want to keep moving.–Anne Byrnes, New York


We make fashionable garments for women who have physical conditions that make it hard to put clothing on. Illnesses that affect muscles and joints such as Arthritis, back problems, injuries from sports, falls, and overuse, and surgeries for knees and hips can make bending, turning, and pulling very difficult. We started with a swimsuit because doctors are increasingly recommending water exercise for all of these conditions.

We think about how you will move your hands, arms, legs, back, and shoulders as you put your swimsuit on, move in the water, and take your wet suit off. We think about dexterity, flexibility, and strength and don’t use buttons, zippers or velcro-type closures. Our goal is to make swimsuits that are easy to put on and a pleasure to wear.


Founder, Anne ByrnesAnne Byrnes felt compelled to invent a better swimsuit when she learned that water exercise was essential for her sister’s health and that getting into a swimsuit was the obstacle.

Anne is a licensed Ph.D. psychologist who lives with her astronomer husband near New York City. They belong to their neighborhood pool where she participates in water exercise for arthritis and he swims laps.