EDITOR’S CHOICE: Aquatic Exercise Association

STEPIN2NOW® Swimwear. This swimsuit is changing the lives of women suffering from arthritis and other physical conditions that make putting on a suit difficult. Company founder Anne Byrnes created the revolutionary design to eliminate the bending, pulling and twisting movements that create painful obstacles for so many women. Many women say that walking and exercising in warm water is heavenly. But first you have to get into a swimsuit and pain can be a major deterrent.

Inspired by her sister, Byrnes created the suit to make preparing for aquatic activities easier and less painful. “The exercise is not the issue,” says Byrnes, a licensed PhD clinical psychologist who retired after 35 years in university student health services. “The problem for many women stems from the actual process of getting into and then out of a wet suit.”

The benefits of the STEPIN2NOW® suit derive from its design and shape. Two independent half-suits slide one on top of the other, each with one shoulder strap and no fabric above the waist on the opposite side, to allow your arm to easily slide into the strap without rotating the shoulder. There are no buttons, zippers, snaps or Velcro closures that require dexterity.

The suit moves so well in the water it is ideal for water aerobics, aquatic therapy and lap swimming. The four-way stretch fabric is 80 percent polyamide micro and 20 percent XtraLife Lycra (demonstrated to resist chlorine damage 10 times longer than spandex) with a UPF rating of 50+. STEPIN2NOW is manufactured in New York City and currently available in sizes 2 to 14, with plus sizes coming soon. Color choices include blue, fuchsia, purple, black, and a two-tone purple and blue. Find out more or purchase the suit at stepin2now.com.