StepIn2Now Swimwear

March 28, 2015 | By Jenn Daks

There is a new kind of swimsuit on the market! One that takes out the hassle, tugging, hopping and strain of putting on a traditional swimsuit. This patented design was co-designed by someone who has arthritis, who relied on swimming to manage her symptoms. It has the look and feel of a traditional swimsuit, yet it is made out of two, diagonal half suits that can accommodate for mobility limitations.

This swimsuit was brought to our attention by one of our very own YFA teachers! We were immediately intrigued and set out to find a tester, someone from our community who could give us first-hand feedback on the suit. And so we found Rosemary R…

As a 20 year veteran of teaching water aerobics, I like to keep current in all aspects the industry. For many years there haven’t been any new developments in the swimwear category–until now. I discovered Step in 2 Now swimsuits in an aquatic professional journal, and immediately looked at their website. I love the concept and was glad that Yoga For Arthritis asked me to try it out.

This suit is intended for someone with limited range-of-motion, and I had a rotator cuff injury which severely challenged my arm mobility. Pulling on a regular aqua fitness suit was torture; it took way too much time, and internal and external shoulder rotation was extremely painful. It certainly didn’t encourage me to get in the pool 3 days a week to teach, exercise, or for my own aqua physical therapy. We know that water aerobics and other water-based activities are excellent no-impact fitness and even therapeutic options for people with joint pain, but if you can’t get into the clothes, you can’t benefit from participation!

Step in 2 Now suits aim to address that challenge. The two pieces are easy to slide into, and it doesn’t require any twisting or turning to get the shoulder straps up. My students originally called it the “Flintstone Suit”, but ultimately stated that the design is genius.

What I like about the suit:

  • Easy on, easy off!
  • It’s design is stylish; the princess seam is a pretty detail.
  • The fabric is luxurious to the touch. I haven’t worn it enough to see if the XtraLife Lycra will withstand chlorine longer than the usual polyester fitness suits I wear.
  • The shoulder straps do not restrict movement at all, nor do they slip off with arm movement.
  • No zippers, Velcro, or other uncomfortable notions to contend with.
  • Bonus: It came with a free drying line.

What to reconsider:

The v-cut of the surplice bodice is a little low. There are ties at the bust line to hold the two sides together, but I felt a little exposed. I’m used to more modest cut suits; however, my students say they think it is attractive. I didn’t have any “spillage” when jumping!

I was told they’re tightening the elastic in the leg holes for 2015. This would be good, as I found myself tugging the rear end fabric after vigorous exercise.

Sizing doesn’t seem to follow the norm, as I needed a smaller size. I think the public will be confused about this, even doubtful, though a size chart is provided. So many swimsuit companies suggest sizing up, not down! (Although isn’t this the bane of our society—one body, 3 different sizes depending on the brand…)

The side labels are really irritating! I had to cut them out! Maybe they could print the info on the fabric instead of sewing a label into the seam.

Pricing. Half of my classes said they’d never pay $128.00 for a one-season suit. Many of them are in the pool 5-6 times a week and opt for clearance rack swimwear because chlorine eats away the fibers so quickly, even with proper care. It’s a dilemma…we need sanitized water!

I would recommend Step in 2 Now bathing suits to those who have movement limitations that make swimsuit wear a challenge, or who are tired of the “tug and pull” method of getting into a swim suit. Its unique, attractive design will encourage individuals to get into the pool, instead of having another excuse to avoid it.

Click here to see a video of the Stepin2Now Suit.

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