STEPIN2NOW Launches Innovative Swimwear Line

April 16, 2015 |

NEW YORK — STEPIN2NOW Swimwear has launched an innovative line of swim wear for women with arthritis and other ailments that make it difficult to slip into a swim suit. The suits are made and manufactured in New York.

Company founder Anne Byrnes created the revolutionary design, which enables women to simply step into a swimsuit, eliminating the bending, pulling and twisting movements, which create painful obstacles for many women.

“The exercise is not the issue,” says Byrnes, a licensed Ph.D. clinical psychologist who retired after 35 years in university student health services. “The problem for many women stems from the actual process of getting into and then out of a wet suit.”

The benefits of the STEPIN2NOW suit derive from its design and shape. Consisting of two independent half-suits that slide one on top of the other, each has one shoulder strap and no fabric above the waist on the opposite side, which allows one’s arm to easily slide into the strap without rotating the shoulder. According to Byrnes, reducing stress on the hands, back and shoulders was the key criterion in designing the suit and remains its most important benefit. Additional attributes include shoulder straps that don’t bind and stay in place; sleekness and weightlessness of the fabric; and no buttons, zippers, snaps or Velcro closures that require dexterity.

Image courtesy of STEPIN2NOW Swimwear

Source: PR Newswire