STEPIN2NOW® is your best choice for water exercise, aquatic therapy, and lap swimming. First tested and approved by women with arthritis, our swimsuit is loved by everyone who wants a suit they can put on and take off easily.

Tested for Arthritis

If you have arthritis or other mobility problems, you may want to know that the STEPIN2NOW swimsuit was tested at a leading research university’s Accessibility Evaluation Facility. Our suit met rigorous consumer product testing standards for women with arthritis.

Individuals with varying degrees of arthritis were recruited to measure their experience while putting the suit on, moving in the water, and taking the suit off wet. The STEPIN2NOW suit received the highest possible overall subjective rating for how easy it is to use.

When the subjects were asked “what they liked best”, this is what they had to say:

So simple to put on

“The fact that it’s two pieces and it’s so simple to put on and remove – very cute.”

Came off easier

“It came off easier than any bathing suit I ever had.”

No twisting or turning

“The ease of putting it on – no twisting or turning to get it on – the shoulders are not binding – I could really swim in this suit.”

No pain at all

“How easy it was to put on – I had no pain at all.”

Patented Construction

Lauretta Anne Byrnes in New York holds U.S. Patent # 8,281,412 for the method of construction used in making the STEPIN2NOW® swimsuit and other garments such as lingerie and active wear.

To be sure that you are getting the STEPIN2NOW® swimsuit, look for the patent numbers on the care labels sewn into both sides of the suit.