“I just LOVE this bathing suit. The size 6 fits perfectly. I love the beautiful fabric and the ties, and not having to worry about straps falling off my shoulders. I had to learn how to take it off at the pool. The first time I pulled down both shoulder straps at once. The second time I did one suit at a time and that worked much better. Even with my gnarly hands and wrists I didn’t have pain taking the suit off. I am just Wowed by this suit. I think that over time I will feel like a pro in the water!” —SUSAN E., Wheeling WV

“I want to let you know that the Black 100% polyester suit ​you ​sent me has been holding up well. About 3 times a week to water aerobics for 5 months and it has not stretched out or faded. The only evidence of fading has been on the lining on the inside area at the bust and crotch. Both areas are not visible to anyone but me and it is only the soft interior lining. I have been wearing the other Purple made with Lycra bathing suit only for laying by the pool or a little swimming. And no evidence of fading. (I had sent an earlier review when my first Purple suit faded in the Jacuzzi) So I am very happy with both suits. I have been encouraging all of my fellow classmates in water aerobics to buy your suit, hope some of them have listened. I want to thank you again for your assistance with getting the right suits for my needs.” —LYDIA C., San Antonio TX

I just wanted to get back to you about the swimsuit I ordered. I have severe arthritis in both shoulders so do appreciate being able to buy a suit that is easy to get into!!​ I wore it yesterday for the first time and find it to be very comfortable. I love the fabric and it lived up to its billing as it was comfortable to step into! Thank you for filling a niche. —MARCIA V​., Webster MA

When my wife was in physical therapy following a broken hip recently, one of the nurses gave her a Stepin2now brochure in preparation for a block of water therapy in the local health club pool. Yesterday was her first outing, and the suit seemed to be just fine, going on and coming off. Thanks for this novel “solution”! —JIM T., Helena​ MT

Ms. Anne,​ ​I received my swim suit today. It fits great. ​It’s s​o much easier putting this suit on. I have rheumatoid arthritis​, ​so getting a suit on is a challenge some ​days. Thank you for your help in getting the correct size. Thank you again. —RENEE​ H., Pineville LA

W​e just got back from a trip and I was delighted to find the swimsuit waiting ​for​ me. It fits very nicely and is going to work wonderfully well. I’m going to start enjoying it now since I am scheduled for a knee replacement in about 2 months. Being able to get into the pool to aid with rehab will be very helpful. Thank you ​and​ ​p​lease let me know when the new suits are available. I expect that I will want another. —JUDY C., Charleston SC

I have been using a Stepin2now​ swimsuit for a year and the fabric is still in wonderful condition. I am in the pool three days a week and never have had a suit last so long. Besides the longevity, the suit is so easy to get into. I am in a wheelchair and had a difficult time getting into traditional suits without help. ​I​ can now independently get in and out of the Stepin2now​ suit. I’ll never buy another kind.​ Thank you Anne. —JAN, Albuquerque NM

I purchased your blue Stepin2now swimsuit, size 12 AND I LOVE IT. The quality of the suit is wonderful, it is flattering, and most importantly it doesn’t hurt to put it on. I got a size 12 and might have been able to use a size 10 instead (you did say they run large), but I would rather have an easier time pulling it up. I never thought about how difficult it was with arthritis to pull up regular swimsuits until I tried yours on. Thank you so much for making my life easier. I swim every day from May through October, now I can do it looking and feeling great. —JULIE F., Tucson AZ

I am scheduled to have surgery on my back and knew I would need a swimsuit that I could put on a lot more easily than the one I usually wear. I am thrilled that I found the Stepin2now suit! It is more comfortable than anything I have ever had. It is modest but nice looking, and the fabric is fantastic! Nicer than even a quality leotard! -And so easy to get into, so I decided to keep TWO of them- one in Black and one Purple. I am so thrilled to find such quality and comfort-and at a reasonable price! I really believe in this suit! In fact- it’s the only fun part of my upcoming ordeal! And the neckline is downright alluring-and my husband agrees! So much so, that even when not having surgery, this will be the suit of my choice!.​ —Susan McG., Paso Robles CA

DON’T WEAR THIS SUIT IN A JACUZZI! I go to water aerobics and do laps swimming a couple times each week, so I am in the water a lot. After my workout I often go into a Jacuzzi for about 15 minutes. First of all I love the fit, the size 14 regular leg opening fits me perfect and I have really enjoyed how easy it is to put on and take off even wet. And the test was how well it stayed in place during water aerobics and swimming, that has also been great. It does not move around, holds everything in place and nothing falls out. I was really believing I had found the perfect bathing suit. Now for the bad part. After two weeks the Purple suit discolored. And I have cared for it just as instructed and only rinsed it with clean cool water and hung it up to dry. No soap and I’ve never put it in the dryer. This disappointed me greatly. You said that the suits were chlorine resistant and would not discolor, especially not after just two weeks use. Surely going into the Jacuzzi is not causing this? Why would that be that much different than the pool? And if that is the case I think you should warn people about wearing them in a Jacuzzi. Still, I really do like the fit of the bathing suit and it makes it so much easier to take it on and off. I have severe osteoarthritis in several parts of my body and I had major back surgery last July. So I really hope the Black suit you are sending next does work out in the Jacuzzi because that is part of my fitness routine. I am happy to try it for two or three weeks and then I will take a picture to send to you.” —Lydia C., San Antonio TX

FROM STEPIN2NOW | Jacuzzis are a lot different than pools, they have much more heat and harsher chemicals to handle many people in a small volume of water. We do not recommend wearing our Xtra Life Lycra Suits in public hot tubs or jacuzzis! The 100% polyester suits in our black fabric, sizes 14-18 should be okay. We appreciate all feedback, so please let us know.

A lovely young lady at Stepin2now sent me a swimsuit. It fits perfectly! It is going to be a God send because I broke my arm years ago and have about 80% use of it. This suit just goes up 1, 2, 3! No holding your breath like other suits. And I looked in the mirror and thought, Wow, I’ve lost two inches! God bless you for doing this.​ —TONI L.​​, ​Fountain Valley CA

I truly thank you for your extra efforts in making this transaction happen. I can now get into a bathing suit with ease! I can’t tell you what a difference it will make. I was ready to give up on taking swim classes because of the difficulty and pain involved with getting into and out of conventional bathing suits. It’s an ingenious concept…and all of us with rheumatoid arthritis and other issues thank you! —DEBORAH H., Chapel Hill NC

This swimsuit fits like a glove. It is so easy to get on and off, I love it. Really, it is just fantastic! My friend will likely call you too. God bless, keep up what you are doing. —SARAH H., Huntley IL

My Mom is again wearing your suit. She sprained her wrists in a fall and is very happy to be able to get into a suit and into the pool. She wasn’t able to put on her other suits, but she could put on her “4-legged suit” as she calls it.
Thanks again!
–LYNDA HUEY, Los Angeles

Got the suit today and it fits! I love it. Please send me another in Purple or Blue if you get a size 18 in stock. I will give the people at the medical facility pool your leaflet. Thank you! —DONNA G., Mishawaka IN

Thank you for sending along these suits. Turns out we are going to keep both of them! We like this suit and shall be models for you! —Sincerely, a Mother and Daughter team in Beverly Hills MI

My Mom ended up choosing the Purple size 10. The tighter leg elastic made it work. She also fit the size 8 in Black but that leg is loose for her. ​She ​just got out of her water aerobics class and said the bathing suit was great!​ And she​ kept half the brochures and my sister is taking the others. I hope your Connecticut business blossoms! Thanks for creating such a great product.​ Good Luck! —KATE B., Connecticut

I love the Stepin2now swimsuit. Yes, it is a little bit low in front, but the bow tie helps make it less noticeable. I know I will really enjoy it! I will probably order another suit later. Thank you so much. —SHERRY W., Quanah TX

This Stepin2now suit is so much better than I expected! I put the whole thing on in less time than it took to tie the little bow at the front. It is amazing. I have no hips and a big top and the fit of the size 8 is great. The legs are tight enough and it is SO comfortable I think I will order another one. I​ am so glad to be able​ to get back into the pool.​​ I think I have been looking all my life for this suit. —ELAINE H., Riverside CA

The black suit size 16 arrived today and it was most easy to put on and fits well! I am delighted with it and eager to get back in the pool tomorrow! Wiggling and straining to get in and (even worse) out of my old wet suit actually made me stop swimming. Which was tragic because having had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis for 30 years and Parkinson’s Disease for 15 years water therapy was THE BEST WORKOUT! With gratitude for your grand design! p.s. A few days later…the suit is great in the water! —RUTH P., Spokane WA

My new bathing suit arrived yesterday. It is a perfect fit!! I have been telling everyone about Stepin2now since I learned about you a few months ago–and I’m glad you now have the larger sizes. I am 79 years old, have had both knees and one hip replaced and have osteoarthritis in most joints and issues with my back, so bending and twisting is sometimes hard. Continued two days later: My new suit felt good in the water, and it was soooooo much easier to get on and off than the suit I have been wearing. I have been going to the pool 3 times a week for over 7 years–getting a swimsuit on and off has been a workout in itself! I have been wearing suits from H2OWear–they have been comfortable and they wear well and do not fade, but they are a challenge for me to get on and off. The Stepin2now suit has made getting in and out a much easier process. —JANICE W., Toledo OH

The swimsuit arrived today, it fits well, and the fabric is nice. I’m delighted!! I will hand out the brochures you sent to “spread the word”. This is a great idea, and I wish you the best. —NANCY O., Florida

I broke my collarbone mountain biking and I wanted to start rehabbing in the pool but needed a suit that I could wear without compromising my injury. I ordered the Stepin2now suit and it is great! Easy to put on, comfortable, and looks good too! Thank you! —KATHY W., Chino Hills, CA

I am so happy with your swimsuit, I am telling everyone! I tried the Purple and the Blue and I am keeping both. And if you ever make a size 10 with the slim leg elastic in Black, please let me know. Your Stepin2now is so easy to take off wet in the shower, even with my arthritic hands, it’s remarkable. I am sending you a card of a painting I did to say thank you for making this suit. —MARLENE H., California

We got your swimsuit for my wife who has had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 40 years. She has no grip in her hands and can’t pull up a tight swimsuit. And she doesn’t have range of motion in her shoulders. We are keeping the Size 6 suit and will return the size 4 that you sent along in case she needed it smaller. The 6 is perfect and she can get it on her self. I just want you to know how much we appreciate this swimsuit and what you are doing. —JACK S., South Carolina

Finally a swimsuit that my clients can easily get in and out of. No shoulder, trunk or low back gymnastics to put this suit on and no need to reach overhead. It couldn’t be simpler. It’s about time that we let everyone benefit from the water – and this suit does it. Thanks Anne Byrnes for truly making a difference in our world. –RUTH SOVA, Founder, Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute

I ordered the Stepin2now suit for my 96 year old mother. I told her she had to be able to put it on herself and she did, easily. She was so happy with it she was dancing in front of the mirror! And later she said “It fits me like a glove.” I asked if anyone at the pool had asked her about it and she said “No, because it looks like a regular, nice swimsuit.” I am thinking of getting one for myself even though I don’t need a suit that is easy to put on. We just like it a lot. —PAM H. Austin TX

I tried out the suit in my pool and it’s spectacular. So comfortable and attractive. And, of course, so easy to put on and take off… –​JUDY B., New York

I just want you to know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bathing suit! It is perfect. It is the first bathing suit that I have not struggled with in MANY years and it looks classy! I have had RA for 40+ years. –GRACE D., Apex NC

I am 63 with osteoarthritis, this year has been hard so I started water exercise. But then getting in and out of a suit was hard. My daughter knew of this suit and brought one for me. It is great, so easy to pull up (easy on the hands and back), so easy to remove. The colors are beautiful; I feel good in it. So easy to wash and (Yes) it is true, no chlorine smell. Thank you, your design has made my life easier. –NANCY S., Pennsylvania

I’m so glad that you designed these suits. I have been doing aquatic therapy for 20 years and know how many larger women have trouble with their swimsuits, and how much that affects their willingness to participate in water exercise. My mother has recently started aquatic exercise and had the same problem and worry about donning and doffing of a suit with the pain associated with her arthritis. It was a blessing when I saw your suits at Sanibel this summer. I am sending her one for Christmas. Your are an angel for helping so many people in need of your suits. —TANYA D., LPTA CCRP, Virginia

I really enjoy wearing your STEPIN2NOW swimsuit for Ai Chi and swimming laps. It is so sleek feeling and light weight for lap swimming. For Ai Chi, it makes me feel good too. It is light weight in my backpack also and takes up less room than some other suits. –PATTI C., Illinois

My mother was a member of the Barnstable YMCA on Cape Cod. She loved the water exercise for arthritis classes and kept going right up until she had to go into hospice. But she had a very difficult time putting on a bathing suit and never found one she liked.

When STEPIN2NOW showed their suits at the 92nd St. Y in New York City I tried one on. My immediate thought was “Mom would have loved this swimsuit!” I love it and it looks great on! So I wrote to the Barnstable Y to tell them that many of their members would benefit from this swimsuit. I only wish I had known in time to give one to my Mom. —MARY ANN T., New York City

The fabric is very comfortable and the Fuchsia color is vibrant without being gaudy. The style is flattering and there is enough detailing without excessive frills. The ease of putting the suit on and taking it off is such a pleasant change from my usual experience with bathing suits where getting ready to swim made me feel like I was wrapping myself in elastic bands! —LOUISE G., Montreal, Canada

I love this swimsuit! It’s really comfortable to put on and take off. I’ve been showing everyone how easy it is. And besides that, it’s really flattering. —PEPITA D., Barcelona, Spain

I think this is a very nice suit and it appears to hold up well in salt water. —FRAN S., Texas

I enjoy my suit. I would love to see individual solid (pink, purple, navy) and patterned pieces (floral, etc) to purchase so I could mix and match! —ANNE S., Florida

Mom LOVES the suit! She’d been having trouble getting her suit on and was thrilled to see how simple it will be from now on. —LINDA H., Los Angeles

Bravo – the suit is gorgeous! —MARY M., New York City